OG 1 Kenobi Strains

Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary in Ashburn.

S no. Title Rating
1 Cankush 4.71
2 Green Point Wellness 4.63
3 California Compassionate Care Network 4.67
4 MVP Mon Verd Premia 0.00
5 Greenhand - Spokane 4.59
6 Arizona Natural Selections of Mesa 5.00
7 Rockland Coffeeshop 4.25
8 The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary- Hastings 5.00
9 Little Amsterdam - 18819 SE McLoughlin Blvd 4.53
10 The Jet Room 5.00

OG 1 Kenobi is a dank and mysterious indica-dominant strain. While it may not be your only hope, this dark but lustrous bud offers potent, long-lasting effects that gradually lean toward sedative. OG 1 Kenobi provides traditional OG effects with an intense, euphoric onset that lays into the body. These relaxing physical effects may offer some cannabis consumers relief from pain while dulling nausea, anxiety, and stress.   


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